Rio Negro has 42 hectares of its own vineyards. On this plantation, only one cordon is trained along the trellis system, 70 centimetres above the ground to prevent damage caused by late frost in the spring. Plants are given an area of 2.80 X 1 metres and positioned northwest-southeast...

Since the beginning of the project, extreme care is taken throughout the cycle of the vine, ensuring maximum quality of the grapes that reach the winery. For this reason, we only use grapes that come from our vineyard situated in the best locations of Rio Negro.

Farm Work

The vines are pruned twice to eliminate unwanted vine shoot, restricting excessive growth to achieve the desired vegetative balance.

This way the highest concentration of all the mineral y nutritional elements provided by the soil is attained, as well as an ideal ripening of the grape.

All the work is done in a way that protects the vine as well as the environment: herbicides are restricted out of respect for the natural surroundings; specific natural fertilizers are employed according to the requirements of each grape variety and soil type; vine shoot is eliminated to avoid disease, etc.


Laboratory analyses are done to determine the ideal moment for harvest, according to the degree of maturation for each variety of grape.

The grapes are picked manually, so a careful initial selection of the grapes can be done in the vineyards and then collected in cases that hold approximately 20kg.

The short distance from the vineyards to the winery gets the freshly picked grapes to the fermentation tanks in a minimal amount of time.