The wineries are located in the centre of Rio Negro, surrounded by the vineyards. From here one can enjoy not only the colours, the fauna and the forests of holm oak and pine trees, but also a view of the splendid Ayllón sierra, where the peaks of Lobo and Ocejón as well as the Alto Rey sierra are visible.

Production Winery

This winery was built with slate according to the architectural traditions of the region, to blend in with the landscape of the stone villages of the "Architectura Negra",
and possesses the most innovative enological equipment. The cellar is equipped with
a humidity, temperature and ventilation control system, which provides ideal and stable conditions for aging and conservation of the wine, both in the barrels and during the
aging process inside the bottle.

Social Winery

Constructed underground, this was the very first winery at Rio Negro, where the family initially produced wine following traditional methods and for their own consumption.